SARHL - Southern Alberta Rec Hockey League

League Info

Enmax Parking Information

Notice to all players, please park in the WEST parking lot at the ENMAX Centre. Please refrain from using the soccer centre parking lot as they will be ticketing vehicles who do not have soccer centre parking permits. 

Player Code of Conduct

Referee abuse WILL NOT be tolerated in this league. Violators will be suspended and repeat offenders will be suspended indefinitely.

  1. Referees are only required to have on-ice discussions with those players designated Captain or Alternate Captain. Any other player attempting to have a discussion with a referee is at risk of being given an Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalty.
  2. Players yelling or swearing at referees from the bench will result in a bench minor penalty. NO REFEREE AT ANY LEVEL OF ORGANIZED HOCKEY HAS EVER CHANGED A CALL BECAUSE OF A PLAYER PROTEST!
  3. Players yelling or swearing at referees on the ice will be assessed an Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalty. If the player continues, he will be assessed a 10 min misconduct (followed by a game misconduct, followed by a gross misconduct). Depending on the nature of what is said. The order of these penalties are at the discretion of the referee. A game misconduct assessed under this violation will result in a review by the discipline committee. Supplemental discipline will be at the discretion of the committee. 
  4. Players taunting each other and verbally instigating an altercation will be assessed an Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalty. Players using racial slurs or verbally provoking further incidents may be assessed a Gross Misconduct.

Team representatives

Effective Immediately… Prior to the start of each game, please ensure that a team representative notifies the time keeper as to which players are not in attendance. This should be done during the warm-ups. This is necessary in order to ensure the accuracy of game stats as well as for insurance purposes. Thank you for your co-operation.

Insurance Coverage Requirements

The LMHL is committed to the safety of all of it’s participants. Due to the nature of the sport, it is important to ensure that participants are wearing proper protective equipment. In order for participants to be eligible for insurance coverage, ALL players MUST wear full CSA approved equipment that is not worn out or in need of repair. Anyone found to be using such equipment that is worn out or in need of repair will be in violation of the rules and therefore void of any insurance coverage. This includes the use of a CSA approved visor and mouthgaurd to recieve dental coverage.

***Playoff Eligibility***

Please note that teams must be in compliance with the team jersey requirements. Please see the link “Jersey Notice” posted to the left of this page. The league has been lenient in regards to jersey and number requirements thus far, however, teams will automatically forfeit their playoff game if not in compliance. This includes matching team jerseys with NUMBERS PRESSED ON… NO TAPE. Also, please remember that all players must have played a minimum 6 regular season games to be eligible for playoffs. Those teams that use ineligible players will automatically forfeit their game.