SARHL - Southern Alberta Rec Hockey League

A Word From John

Hello Guys;
 Now that the year is wrapping up and we start to plan for our summer, I feel a few things have to be said about our past hockey season.
  I feel it was a very successful campaign in which we all participated in making it that way. The season presented us with a whole new look and attitude towards the game and ourselves as athletes and officials.
 Our penalty minutes structure from last year was down considerably and there were only a few issues to deal with in this past season. I found the attitude from players to officials and from officials to athletes was the main reason for our success this past year. We will never be on the same page with situations on the ice from game to game, nor should we ever expect that. As hockey players, you have “bad games” that cannot be explained. As referees, we experience the same situations and we now acknowledge the fact, that on any given night, we may not excel at what we’re attempting to do. We do not have an answer or a solution for that, except to continue to work hard and keep ethics in our job description. We have attempted to put a good product on the ice for you, and we will move forward in that obligation.
 I feel that way the League was operated by Executive was in part due to our success this year, and I thank all of them for their time and dedication to making a difference in what we’ve done.
You, as players were the most important part of our success, as you competed the way we should playing Canadian hockey, with  intense competition, respect for our opponents and understanding “the Game” is more important than all of us.
 As for myself and my fellow referees, we have tried to offer the best that we could, and going forward, we will continue to improve to add credibility to our League.
 In closing, from your referees to you, we extend a sincere Thank you for doing what you’ve done this year, and remember we’re not …”That League” …anymore, we’re S.A.R.H.L.
John Payne
Director of Officiating